Celebrating Diversity

Our Philosophy

Diverse by Design

It’s not just diversity ownership. At 360, diversity is embedded in our leadership, supply chain, contractor workforce and ideas.  Our leadership drives alignment across all functional job owners who bear responsibility for delivering solutions that are fit to purpose in meeting the objectives of our customers.  We do this by embracing diversity in experience and perception to develop our solutions, resulting in contingent workforce programs that are a cut above the rest.

Serving the Traditionally Underserved

  • Women in STEM; Leadership; Industrial – wherever they want to be!
  • 2nd Chance hiring for people with a criminal record.
  • Neurodiverse Talent – an inclusive application, interview and placement process.
  • Generational Bookends focuses on young talent first entering the job market and retirees that are looking to re-career or gig.
  • Veterans – Focused on upskilling and deployment of Vets and their spouses.
  • Physically Impaired – driving inclusive practices for the interview, hiring and onboarding of those with physical accommodation needs.

Diversity Certifications

Rory Spanier

Rory Spanier, the esteemed Chief Operating Officer of 360 Talent Solutions, is a distinguished leader in the workforce solutions industry. His extensive global experience in various domains, such as operations, client management, program management, solutions design, and sales, has solidified his position as a recognized figure in the field.

Rory’s exceptional strength lies in his attentive listening skills and ability to empathize with clients, enabling him to craft tailor-made solutions that effectively address their complex business problems. With unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, he consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the best outcomes for his clients. Beyond his professional achievements, Rory is devoted to imparting his wisdom to the next generation of leaders, while cherishing a healthy work-life balance and actively contributing to his community. His remarkable journey and outstanding leadership make him an influential figure, driving continued success and innovation at 360 Talent Solutions.