Our Service Offerings

Workforce Solutions Consulting

Master Vendor with Technology

Administered by 360 who is responsible for 100% req fulfillment. This may be achieved by leveraging a single supplier (i.e., Pacer Staffing) for the majority of req activity while managing the req call out schedule to a secondary supplier list to ensure there are no delivery gaps with SLAs being consistently met.
  • Great for programs who anticipate scope scaling to include other solution types, categories, geographies, large supply chains and provides ease of transitions when adding in M&A activity
  • May be utilized for a specific labor category, business unit or location
  • Stand-alone solution or as a component of an MSP
  • 360 administered VMS technology to enable req call out, tracking of activity & more comprehensive reporting & analytics
  • Supplier contracts typically held by 360 or directly by client who names 360 as the MSP Administrator and Pay Agent

MSP (vendor neutral or hybrid)

Managed by 360, our vendor neutral MSP solution provides organizations with enhanced visibility into contingent spend; cost savings measures; greater access to talent; increased Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; consistency with talent on/off boarding practices amplified by other risk mitigation strategies and SOPs that enhance compliance.

  • Most comprehensive offering typically leveraged for organizations with large volume of contingent worker spend, suppliers and/or headcount of non-FTE workers
  • MSP programs are scalable to deliver against multiple labor category types and geographies
  • 360 administered VMS technology to enable req call out, tracking of activity & more comprehensive reporting & analytics
  • Dynamic Supply Chain management typically in a vendor neutral manner but can be a hybrid solution that allows for Master Vendor carve outs
  • Supplier contracts can be held by 360 or directly by client who names 360 as the MSP Administrator and Pay Agent

SOW Administration

360’s SOW Management solution is flexible and enables our clients to focus on strategy while leaving the tactical aspects of services procurement in our trust. An agile offering, this solution can scale to include RFx administration (end to end administration).

  • Enables cost containment through bid process, milestone & delivery validation opportunity (“free” candidate pool)
  • Comprehensive reporting & data analytics empowers strategic buying decisions
  • Provides a better supplier experience with a centralization of invoicing/payments
  • Bolsters client’s brand through consistent practices
  • Cost savings opportunity with a competitive bid environment
  • Inclusion of this offering in our MSP moves your program closer to a Total Talent Management model

Direct Sourcing

360 offers a direct sourcing solution effective at securing talent from the client’s ATS to meet contingent labor openings.

  • Great way for clients to identify candidates already interested in working for them
  • Controlled branding approach to recruitment of contingent workers
  •  Cost savings opportunity (“free” candidate pool)
  • Reduced time to fill with runner up candidates, alumni, interns, etc.
  •  Direct Sourcing can be added into contingent workforce program as an additional supplier

IC Vetting & Indemnification
(Agent of Record)

  • 360 Talent solution (A Pacer Group) company employ a rigorous vetting process through our partner Independently to ensure that Independent Contractor (IC) talent meets the necessary criteria and aligns with the client’s specific requirements.
  • We create a seamless onboarding experience for Independent Contractors, allowing them to quickly integrate into the client’s workforce and start contributing to projects in a timely manner
  • Fully compliant with all federal and state law
  • Our IC team provides guidance on tax forms, such as W-9s or equivalent documents, helps ICs correctly submit their tax information.
  • We will provide guidance on legal and regulatory compliance, ensuring that ICs have the necessary licenses, certifications, and insurance coverage as required by law.
  • We will provide defensible audit file of the IC’s we onboard/ evaluate.
  • We provide one of the most competitive IC pricing. 
businesswoman holding data files on binder shelves background

Employer of Record

360 provides an Employer of Record / Payroll solution for the engagement of our client’s pre-identified talent.

  • Great for known candidates, returning workers, referrals, etc.
  • On-boarding activity and assignment maintenance provided by EOR includes:
    • Background compliance screening
    • Weekly payroll
    • Benefits administration
  • SOW typically leveraged as the mechanism for IC engagement
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Cost savings opportunity to on-board known resources, realizing the same EOR services, without the higher cost recruiting fees

Treasury Services

MSP administered by outsourcing provider or client directly. 360 bears responsibility under the MSP’s direction for invoicing and settlement with the supply chain.

  • Strategic approach for buyers of contingent talent to classify the associated spend as Tier 1 diversity
  • MSP presents invoice to client who makes single payment to 360 for settlement with the supply chain

Resource Tracking Solution

Our Resource Tracking solution empowers 360 clients with comprehensive information about its’ non-FTE workforce.

  • Data capture of all non-FTE resources not sourced through a managed solution (i.e., MV or MSP)
  •  Ensures consistency with on/off-boarding for compliance
  •  Comprehensive reporting of all contracted resources
  • Spend tracking & consolidation available
  • Flexible to include compliance, headcount and/or spend tracking
Rory Spanier

Rory Spanier, the esteemed Chief Operating Officer of 360 Talent Solutions, is a distinguished leader in the workforce solutions industry. His extensive global experience in various domains, such as operations, client management, program management, solutions design, and sales, has solidified his position as a recognized figure in the field.

Rory’s exceptional strength lies in his attentive listening skills and ability to empathize with clients, enabling him to craft tailor-made solutions that effectively address their complex business problems. With unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, he consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the best outcomes for his clients. Beyond his professional achievements, Rory is devoted to imparting his wisdom to the next generation of leaders, while cherishing a healthy work-life balance and actively contributing to his community. His remarkable journey and outstanding leadership make him an influential figure, driving continued success and innovation at 360 Talent Solutions.