Master Vendor with VMS Technology Solution

Master Vendor
Contingent Workers
Independent Contractors/ Freelancers
Service Providers/ Outsourced Services
Direct Sourcing – Talent Pool
Resource Tracking
Talent Supply Network (Tiered Suppliers, Niche / Specialty, Diverse, Direct Sourcing)
VMS Technology Enabled
Administered by 360 who is responsible for 100% req fulfillment. This may be achieved by leveraging a single supplier (i.e., Pacer Staffing) for the majority of req activity while managing the req call out schedule to a secondary supplier list to ensure there are no delivery gaps with SLAs being consistently met.

  • Great for programs who anticipate scope scaling to include other solution types, categories, geographies, large supply chains and provides ease of transitions when adding in M&A activity
  • May be utilized for a specific labor category, business unit or location
  • Stand alone solution or as a component of an MSP
  • 360 administered VMS technology to enable req call out, tracking of activity & more comprehensive reporting & analytics
  • Supplier contracts typically held by 360
Rory Spanier

As a the Chief Operating Officer for 360 Talent Solutions, Rory Spanier, is a recognized leader in workforce solutions industry with extensive global experience across operations, client management, program management, solutions design and sales. His passion is attentively listening to clients to understanding their complex business problems and building fit-for-purpose solutions designed to meet their organizational needs.

Rory holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and Masters of Business Administration from St. Leo University. Additionally, Mr. Spanier teaches undergraduate level business courses and is actively involved with his family and community.