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It has been throughout the crisis of this global pandemic that I recall the love I have for this country and the importance of recognizing and honoring those who lost their lives in defending our great and blessed land. To those of you who fight still to defend our freedoms and to those of you who have served or have family members who have served, I say thank from the depths of my heart. It is with gratitude that I was compelled to invest once again in our country and together with Amrinder I am excited to introduce 360 Talent Solutions, your destination for workforce solutions meeting the needs of the mid-Market.

Solution Offerings

360 Talent Solutions was created on the idea of designing an MSP organization whose foundations are built from the best practices in the staffing industry. Utilizing the knowledge and experience of leaders from the top MSPs, 360 has gained insights into what works best for our clients, with recognition that flexibility and agility are key. Communication with stakeholders is paramount to understanding client’s needs and pain points, which 360 then addresses in our solutions models. Acting as an advisor, our team guides clients through the creation and deployment of Best-in-Class programs.

Master Vendor Solution

Great for programs where the bulk of business can be supported by one or a few suppliers

Master Vendor With VMS Technology Solution

Great for programs who anticipate scope scaling to include other solution types, categories, geographies, large supply chains and provides ease of transitions when adding in M&A activity

Employer Of Record - Payroll Solution

360 provides an Employer of Record / Payroll solution for the engagement of our client’s pre-identified talent.

MSP Solution

Most comprehensive offering typically leveraged for organizations with large volume of contingent worker spend, suppliers and/or headcount of non-FTE workers

Independent Contractor Evaluation- “IC” Solution

360 subject matter experts provide evaluation services of candidates claiming to be Independent Contractors.

Services Procurement - “SOW” Solution

360’s SOW Management solution is flexible and enables our clients to focus on strategy while leaving the tactical aspects of services procurement in our trust.

Direct Sourcing Solution

360 offers a direct sourcing solution effective at securing talent from the client’s ATS to meet contingent labor openings.

Resource Tracking Solution

Our Resource Tracking solution empowers 360 clients with comprehensive information about its’ non-FTE workforce.

Diversity Spend Aggregator Solution

MSP administered by outsourcing provider or client directly. 360 bears responsibility under the MSP’s direction for invoicing and settlement with the supply chain.

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COMING SOON – Under Development

Creative Startup Project

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Creative Startup Project

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Creative Startup Project

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